Welcome to Disability 2 Opportunity Ltd

As a registered disability charity in Scotland, we aim to help disabled people and their families make the most of their opportunities. At Disability 2 Opportunity Ltd, our team of committed experts are dedicated to working with disabled people to help them recognise their opportunities and reach their full potential.

Our vision for the future

We challenge assumptions about disability and we make it our goal to create a lasting and positive effect on society. Every disabled person has the right to work towards their goals. At Disability 2 Opportunity Ltd, we never set limits on anybody’s individual potential.

We firmly believe that all disabled people should have the same opportunity to education, work, building a home and every one of life’s aspects.

Together, we can discover new and exciting opportunities and unleash your full potential.

Contact us today on 0135 872 7810 for more information on disability in Scotland or to support our registered disability charity.

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